DNA denaturation

Bryan Maloney bjm10 at cornell.edu
Mon Sep 10 07:33:58 EST 2001

"Balaji Kannan" <balajik at newton.berkeley.edu> wrote in
news:9nbr0j$2k2c$1 at agate.berkeley.edu: 

> hi all
>     is there anyone that knows how to denature double stranded DNA
>     without 
> heating- i.e. using chemical methods?... or knows where to look for a
> protocol for that? i know that urea does it all the time in denaturing
> PAGE, but i want to do it in solution and with the correct protocol.

Bring the DNA solution to 0.1M NaOH and heat at 95 degrees C for 5 to 10 
minutes.  Plunge into ice.  That's the old standard for Sanger sequencing.

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