Delete if easily shocked by maths

Michael Witty mw132 at
Mon Sep 10 09:43:34 EST 2001

Dear All,
         one of the reasons I took up biology was that I would never have
to do any mathematics.  Sadly my careers advisor was economical with the
truth and I have a really difficult one.  BUT maybe one of you has been
here before.  Here is the problem:

One set of chromatography beads has 0.1mm diameter beads.
The other has 1mm diameter beads (approximately).

What is the difference in surface area (which could bind protein) for,
let us say, 10ml of each of the beads?

All this is so I have a rough idea about how much bigger to make the
column with coarser beads.

Formulae about the surface area of spheres don't seem to help.  I know
because I have tried and retired with a headache.

Any suggestions welcome.  Regards, Mike.

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