freezing retrovirus supernatant

Victor L. levenson at
Tue Sep 11 16:28:44 EST 2001

It all depends on the envelope. In my hands ecotropic virus can
withstand one freezing (better-flash in liqN2) and thawing at 37^C
after storage at -80^C; you don't need to add anything.  Even so, the
titer drops ~4 fold. With VSVg pseudotyped titer stays pretty much the
same after one round.

Unlrafiltration helps but concentrating media proteins makes the final
product quite toxic <why?> to target cells and ecotropic virus was
destroyed <?> since the titer increase was insubstantial.

Your milage may vary....


On 10 Sep 2001 13:42:19 +0100, wolfsc at ("Wolfgang
Schechinger") wrote:

>Hi all, 
>a quick question, a quick answer is desired. I have some supernatant of 
>retrovirus producing cells). Is it possible to simply freeze the supernatant or 
>should I concentrate the virus (how? - this is another question) and add 50% 
>Any ideas, recommendations ?
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