freezing retrovirus supernatant

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> Hi all, 
> a quick question, a quick answer is desired. I have some supernatant of 
> retrovirus producing cells). Is it possible to simply freeze the supernatant or 
> should I concentrate the virus (how? - this is another question) and add 50% 
> glyzerol.

Depends on the envelope.  Pantropic virions pseudotyped with VSV-G 
appear to withstand 1 - 2 rounds of freeze-thaw with no significant 
loss of infectivity (as measured by GFP expression after infection).

Viruses with the amphotropic envelope are more susceptible to 

We don't add any glycerol.  Just flash freeze in a dry-ice/ethanol
bath or liquid nitrogen.  Quick thaw at 37oC.  Stocks frozen 
slowly (1oC/min) at -80oC lose infectivity more rapidly.


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