software for sequence archiving

Em ekhatipoNO at
Thu Sep 20 12:13:25 EST 2001

Can you use compressed drives? If you are using Windows (don't know about
Mac), it is quite easy to set up compressed drives that could be a part of
your hard disk or even a removable media (floppy, Zip, etc.). You will be
then able to access the files as you would in any other drive, only they are
compressed and expanded "in fly" every time you read or save them. You can
preset the desired level of compression as well (note: the higher level, the
slower access). Check Windows help for that.


"PM" <patrick.merel at> wrote in message
news:9od3vk$nfo$1 at
> hello,
> I am looking for a software which may be used for archiving sequences
> with comments. A search function, and a compare function should be great.
> Anyone has heard about such a software? Thanxxx

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