What's the RED in REDTaq

Tim Fitzwater tfitzwater at somalogic.com
Fri Sep 21 09:41:09 EST 2001

0.01% Phenol red ( R. J. Klebe, S. A. Rodriguez, M. L. VerBeek and T. A.
Giambernardi, 1999.  Simple method for "hot-start" RT-PCR.  BioTechn.
27(6):1108-1110) and 0.1 mM Cresol Red (Sigma S5016) (Carl Wittwer's
laboratory, The Rapid Cyclist, Spring, 1994, p. 9) have both been used by
labs as a color indicator for Taq.  

Don't know what Sigma is using, but you could try these.  

Tim Fitzwater
SomaLogic, Inc.


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