Multiple plasmid FuGENE 6 transfections

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>In contrary,  I would like to be sure that only one copy enters a cell (I 
>testing a library on eucaryotic cells). What methods for transfection would 
>you recommend? 

Electroporation *tends* to put fewer plasmids per cell, but I htink there 
are still many.

There's a protocol in which you fuse the membranes of your 
plasmid-containing bacteria with your cells for transfection, and then 
dump on a ton of antibiotic.  That's supposed to put a single plasmid per 
cell.  (Actually, of course, many plasmids, but all identical clones.)  I 
believe it's in the Red Book of molecular biology protocols.  I've never 
tried it myself.

>What about multiple stable transfection of individual cells using retrovirus (I 
>currently do that and assume ~one infection per cell)

How many selection markers do you have?  

If you're testing a library, are you planning on re-cloning your library 
into the retrovirus?

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