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Wed Sep 26 15:46:33 EST 2001

Sorry, cannot really suggest a better repeater, because I did not have a
chance to compare: I used only Eppendorff ones - both fixed volume and
adjustable (check fisher catalog, e.g.). The Eppendirff ones are pretty
good, and it is an established brand.

IMHO, if I had a good budget to spend extra $200-300, I would go for
electronic pipettor, mainly because they have repeater function and
adjustable flow speed. There are models that work with pipetts and those
that work with conventional pipet tips. The only problem is that the latter
ones come in much narrower volume ranges than you want - similar ranges to
manual pipettors. The choice largely depend on your applications. In our lab
we do a lot of cell culture, and adjustable flow  speed is very useful to
prevent cell dislodgement during media changes.

If you don't care about cell dislodgement, etc., then I would recommend
fully adjustable Eppendorff (Brinkman) repeater - not the one with 5 fixed
positions of the wheel. Again, Fisher, VWR, etc., sell those.


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I am looking to buy a manual repeat pipetter (1-2500 ul) in the UK.  Is
there any out there who has can suggest a model?  Are there ones to avoid?

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