joining PCR fragments into a single product

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Alex <ayboro at> wrote:
: Hi all,
: I'm wondering if anybody can help me with a reference. I remember an
: article (I think at was in Biotechniques) on a simple polymerase based
: method that allows to generate a single fragment from two PCR
: generated overlapping halfs. Combining products of 5' and 5' RACE into
: one contiguous DNA fragment without restriction/ligation has been used
: as an example.
: Do anybody remember the article and can provide me with the reference.

It's also worth looking at

1. Wallace, A. J., Wu, C. L. and Elles, R. G. (1999) `Meta-PCR: a
   novel method for creating chimeric DNA molecules and increasing the
   productivity of mutation scanning techniques.' Genet. Test., 3,

where an improved megaprimer method is described that allows catenation
of 2 or more PCR products. 

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