Why are Gilson pipettes so popular?

R. John Lye rjl6n at virginia.edu
Tue Apr 2 11:54:09 EST 2002

> >I personally find these pipettes very stressful to the base of my thumb,
> >especially after repeated usage. Does anyone know why this brand seems to be
> >adopted by many labs all over the world?

They were, and pretty much still are, the best made and most reliable
pipettors on the market.  They hold their calibration very well (you
do routinely check your calibration, don't you?), and are easy to
repair.  In addition, I find that they are far more comfortable than
most other brands.  However, now that their patent has run out,
there are some very good copies on the market that work about
as well, and even have interchangeable parts.


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