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jack  <jack at yahoo.com> wrote:
>why dont you try cyanogen bromide sepharose beads they are available
>commercially.you can couple your antibody to it and IP the protein you are
>looking for.

(1) You posted this, as well as emailing it to me.  If you do post and 
post, please indicate that you've done so, so that people don't have to 
respond twice.

(2) Your email address bounces.  It's incredibly rude to send email with a 
fake return address; it's saying, "I can pontificate to you, but I'm not 
interested in anything you say".

(3)  There was no point in emailing me anyway, because I didn't ask the
question you were answering: I was answering it.

(4)  The answer you gave was also the answer I gave, so you were triply 
pointless in sending me the information I already knew.

(5)  The question you answered, was asked well over a year ago.  even if 
you'd sent your answer to the person who originally cared, it's unlikely 
that he would still care.

(6)  You didn't include any context to your reply.  After a year and a 
half, it's not a guarantee that people will automatically recognize and 
understand the point of your post, and/or email.

Hope this helps.

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