Low KDa 96 well format filter plates?

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Tue Apr 9 12:03:06 EST 2002

I don't know of such a product, but do you think you can use .45um ones and
put size exclusion resin (e.g. superfine sephadex G-10) into each well and
run your samples through? You could use the same approach to concentrate
your samples by replacing size exclusion resin with ion exchange resin.

BTW, do you remember that size exclusion of the filter is a statistical
parameter related to uniformity of the pore size and morphology of separated
molecules, i.e. higher MW molecules might still pass through 5kDa cutoff
membrane because some of them may be e.g. rod-shaped, or some of the filter
pores may be bigger, etc.?

"Dr O.S. de Peyer" <odepeyer at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk> wrote in message
news:Pine.SOL.4.44.0204081723510.7188-100000 at tin...
> I need a 96 well filter plate which excludes anything over circa 5KDa.
> The best I've been able to find are 0.45 micron filter plates, which of
> course have an exclusion size in the 1000KDa range! Not the same thing at
> all.
> Can anybody help me with my 5KDa requirement?
> (Please reply to my email address)
> Thanks in advance,
> Oliver
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