Ethidium bromide in RNA samples and DIG probes

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Fri Apr 19 08:25:38 EST 2002

francoise.martz at (Francoise Martz) wrote in message news:< at>...
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if the use of ethidium bromide in RNA samples during 
> electrophoresis in formaldehyde gel can latter hamper hybridization of DIG 
> probes to RNA during northern blot?
 No. I have done that a lot of times, some time ago. And it worked.
Actually I have the impression that the signal is higher when you add
EtBr (just an impression, may be wrong). I even used to prepare RNA
for a whole bunch of northerns with loading buffer, EtBr, etc., and
keep it frozen. Whenever I had to do a new one with a new probe, I
just took the samples out of the frezeer, warm them a while, a put
them on the gel. Since you are using DIG probes you may reach the
ideal situation in which you have a lot of RNA samples and a lot of
recycled probes (you can used them a lot of times), and life becames

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