Trying to remember a DNA synthesis company

Ian A. York iayork at
Thu Apr 25 12:41:35 EST 2002

A sales rep came around our labs (we're in Massachusetts) a couple of
weeks ago, and I've forgotten which company she worked for.  It offered
DNA oligo synthesis at a flat rate: the same price for any oligo, 
regardless of length.  (I imagine there were some restrictions, so you 
couldn't order 200mers or whatever, but that's what I remember.)  

I carefully saved the flier she handed me, but it now appears that the 
only thing I have thrown away from my desk in the past five years is that 
particular flier, and now I want to look into that company's offer.

Does this ring a bell with anyone else?  All the people in our 
neighbouring labs remember the sales rep, but nobody can actually remember 
her company.  The closest we've got is that it might start with "Gene--", 
which as you can imagine is not a lot of help.  

Also, the flier was blue.


How is it I can remember pi to 20 decimals for 25 years, and can't
remember useful stuff for seven days?
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