Trying to remember a DNA synthesis company

maidm maidm at cts.kom
Thu Apr 25 23:11:33 EST 2002

Ian A. York wrote on 4/25/02 10:41 AM:

> DNA oligo synthesis at a flat rate: the same price for any oligo,
> regardless of length.  (I imagine there were some restrictions, so you
> couldn't order 200mers or whatever, but that's what I remember.)

> Does this ring a bell with anyone else?  All the people in our
> neighbouring labs remember the sales rep, but nobody can actually remember
> her company.  The closest we've got is that it might start with "Gene--",
> which as you can imagine is not a lot of help.
> Also, the flier was blue.

Sounds like it might be Genset.


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