proteinG - sepharose/agarose crosslinking?

Jose I. de las Heras jose at
Fri Apr 26 06:26:22 EST 2002

Jose I. de las Heras wrote:
> I'm going to start doing some immunoprecipitations, and being new to
> this I'm looking at the different reagents etc.
> I just realised that while protein G alone (and sepharose) are not that
> expensive, when you buy the crosslinked protein G - sepharose, the
> prices are very high.
> Does anybody crosslink their own protein G - sepharose?
> I have the feeling it cannot be that hard to do it yourself... but the
> high price of the already made stuff makes me think I could well be
> wrong, or else everybody else would be doing it.
> Anyone can enlighten me a bit, please?
> Jose

Or how about the protein G - agarose in powder? still much cheaper. What
would it be resuspended on? 0.5M NaCl + 20% EtOH? is that all?


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