proteinG - sepharose/agarose crosslinking?

Jose I. de las Heras jose at
Fri Apr 26 08:36:57 EST 2002

Duncan Clark wrote:
> Historians believe that in newspost <3CC9301D.4DE2 at> on
> Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Jose I. de las Heras <jose at> penned the
> following literary masterpiece:
> >Does anybody crosslink their own protein G - sepharose?
> >I have the feeling it cannot be that hard to do it yourself... but the
> >high price of the already made stuff makes me think I could well be
> >wrong, or else everybody else would be doing it.
> >
> >Anyone can enlighten me a bit, please?
> There is no reason why you cannot couple it yourself. Pick the one you
> would buy, check how it was coupled (from the spec for product) and find
> the equivalent activated sepharose or whatever. Follow the instructions
> and there you have it.
> The only problem will be batch to batch variation of your own coupled
> resin and you may not be able to get the appropriate activated resin.
> Duncan
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> Duncan Clark
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Yes, that's right, thanks Duncan.
I was looking at this when I realised that I won't be saving quite as
much as I imagined... and the ready-made stuff works and it'll be
reproducible. So I put an order :)


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