thermal cycler

Robert Whittier rfwhittier at
Wed Aug 7 00:08:38 EST 2002

Steve of the US Navy wrote:

>Excellent company, excellent machines. However, the one drawback used to be 
>was they are not licensed for PCR. Take that for what its worth, and maybe 
>they've changed, but otherwise yyou have to buy a license from who, P-E? 

Roche now owns the Cetus PCR patent portfolio. The Mullis patent on the
PCR process itself, US4683202 "Process for amplifying nucleic acid 
states on the cover page:

Notice: The portion of the term of this patent subsequent to Jul. 28, 2004
has been disclaimed.

I'm no lawyer, but my interpretation is that it expires in less than two
years. Your MJ Research thermal cycler should last much longer. It would
seem that this situation should affect the licensing fee.

For the record, I have no connection to either company.

Bob Whittier

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