Antibody purification

Vayuputra vayuputra369 at
Thu Aug 8 22:47:11 EST 2002


Thanks a ton.  That was great detail.  I'll try the protocol.  Any thoughts
on possible hindrances of reduced glutathione (in eluted protein) while
binding to Affigel?  I read somewhere that the chemistry of protein binding
might be inefficient due to the presence of reduced glutathione.  I'm sure
you overcame that problem, if it is real.

Thanks again.

D.K. <dk at> wrote in message
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> Different people probably have very different opinions about what is the
best and
> most efficient way of doing it. I've done it countless times and here is
what I do.
> Yes, if possible, use a different fusion protein from the one served as
antigen -
> contaminants will be different and thus Ab prep will be more specific.

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