Highly efficient, stable transfection of cells in vitro AND in vivo is possible.

Steve Marshall steve at genedetect.com
Sun Aug 11 21:04:01 EST 2002

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In response to the ongoing transfection thread.

Highly efficient, stable transfection of cells in vitro AND in vivo is
possible using rAAV as a gene delivery reagent. Transfection of 35-70%
of cells is possible and expression of the transgene is stable because
the transgene is incorporated into the host cell genome.

For most researchers however the technical difficulties in preparing
and packaging their gene of interest into AAV are hard to overcome,
plus designing the correct expression cassette to deliver high
expression of the transgene requires an indepth knowledge of AAV-gene
delivery techniques.

We are now the first commercial company able to custom package just
about any gene of interest into AAV for targeted gene therapy, genetic
knockouts, generation of disease models, functional genomics,
regulatable gene expression systems and genetic vaccines.

(There are links to numerous reviews available in the literature
detailing the use of AAV as a gene delivery reagent, see below).

Recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors (rAAV) are quickly
establishing themselves as highly versatile gene delivery agents for
gene therapy and functional genomic studies. Derived from a
non-pathogenic virus from the Parvoviridae family, rAAV (rAVE) vectors
can efficiently transfer genes of interest to a broad range of
mammalian cell types leading to high levels of stable and long-term
expression after a single application. The lack of immunogenicity and
no known pathogenicity make rAAV arguably the gene therapy vector of
choice for future human clinical trials.

If you are interested in obtaining stable and efficient transfection
of your gene of interest please take a look at the custom services we


We are close to obtainng GMP status and thus if your research
progresses to the point you need rAAV for FDA certified future human
clinical trials we will also be able to meet your needs.

Id be happy to answser any questions personally via email.

Please feel free to email me with your questions. 

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