help with DNA extraction

Roland Hübner roland.hubner at
Tue Aug 13 03:45:00 EST 2002

>>Sometimes we'll get a group of tissue samples (fin clips from fish) 
>>that are faded out (the normal pigment looks washed out), and our 
>>extracted product will be an oily brown droplet that will not 
>> are you working with plants? In plants, the viscosity you mention is 
>> often a result of large amounts of polysaccharides co-precipitating 
>> with the DNA.


>We are extracting human tissue (prostate and kidney) which is taken at 
>time of operation and frozen at -80 degrees until extraction. However, 
>your oily brown droplet which looks OK on agarose but will not amplify 
>- that sounds exactly the same as the extraction product I am now 

Hello all,

 could this be caused by blood-soaken samples? 
 (hemoglobin is emblematic PCR-inhibitor)


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