CMV promoter

Peter Cherepanov peter.cherepanov at
Wed Aug 14 06:54:16 EST 2002

promoter activity is always cell line-specific. hCMV promoter is a strong
promoter, but you will see variable expression from cell to cell and from
cell line to cell line, like with any other promoter.

after stable transfection you can find a clone with more or less homogenous
expression, but it will not be so for all of your clones.

it is also quite difficult to assess transcription activity in different
cell lines due to different transfecton efficiencies.

may be if you tell which cell line you are going to use, someone might
recommned a promoter.

Look at this one for example:
Mol Cell Biol 1989 Mar;9(3):1342-5 Cell-specific activity of the modulator
region in the human cytomegalovirus major immediate-early gene.Lubon H,
Ghazal P, Hennighausen L, Reynolds-Kohler C, Lockshin C, Nelson J.


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