retention time and GCMS of disaccharides

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Wed Aug 14 10:20:21 EST 2002

Dear All,

I think here must be analytical (bio)chemists here on list and could help me...I want to check out galactinol content in my sample by GCMS. Though Wiley library could help to have the spectra, but we have to have retention time as second parameter using galactinol standard, which we haven't. Could you help to tell the retention time of MSTFA derivatives of galactinol relative to those of other disaccharides or sugars?



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Subject: PCR product cloning problems

I recently cloned and sequenced a batch of PCR products and found that
many of the products were missing 1-10 bases from the ends. To me this
could be either

1. lousy primers (and I'm checking that now)
2. exonuclease activity during the PCR reaction (I used the
Boehringer-Mannheim core PCR kit, Taq polymerase)
3. exonuclease activity during cloning (using the PCR Script kit)

Has anyone here had similar problems or have any suggestions to avoid

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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