Reasons for gel samples running unevenly?

Deanne Bell dbell at
Thu Aug 15 12:01:56 EST 2002

in general, this problem is usually due to a gradient in resistance or current across the gel

Many things can cause a change in resistance, some of them we have already mentioned:
:> :. . . different salt content in different wells?
:> :or a bubble under the gel (causing local heating)?
:> or pouring the  gel on an uneven surface so that one side of 
:the gel is "thinner" than the other

:What makes a good and what a poorly made electrophoresis apparatus?

If the apparatus is somehow responsible for an electrical current or heat gradient within the gel.

for example:
:> :a non-level apparatus OR CHAMBER, causing higher current flux in the 
:"shallow" side of the electrophoresis chamber

or, as you have asked, "The power supply sockets for the gel apparatus are both on the right.  - maybe this is heating up one side of the chamber more than the other side.

hope this helps
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