DNA extraction from agarose

nospam>optushome.com.au "nospam>optushome.com.au" at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Sat Aug 17 03:29:22 EST 2002

Try Bio 101's geneclean kit. It is pretty good and my lab uses it.

Rene wrote:
> Hi lads,
> Probably not the first time somebody comes up with this, does anybody
> know a good way to get DNA out of agarose without too much trouble??
> I tried Qiagen's gel extraction kit with agarose/TAE, and I'm
> disapointed with the yield. Can the buffer go off or so?
> I've read of a method somewhere where you keep the gel slice in liquid
> nitrogen and then spin down. The supernatant could then be EtOH
> precipetated. Is the purity then ok?? What about cleaning the
> supernatant over a PCR puri column, anybody had a try with that??
> Thanks, Rene

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