Reverse Osmosis and 18 M Ohm water

D.K. dk at
Sun Aug 18 13:10:19 EST 2002

In article <51c3a5d3.0208180828.1f98880e at>, utsuxs at (bob) wrote:
>I having a little debate and I'm hoping someone can help.  Can 18 M
>Ohm water be produced from carbon, organinc, ion exchange
>column/filters alone or do you need a reverse osmosis membrane?  Tap
>water would be the source.

I think it can but the life of cartridges will be pathetically short. 
The standard feed is either low grade distilled or reverse osmosis
water to save money on not so cheap cartridges.. 

>What is used to measure the water?  A volt meter?



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