Is this error forgivable?

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at
Sat Aug 24 19:31:08 EST 2002

Some labs even use 250mg/ml Amp, so don't worry. If I am not mistaken, Amp
decomposes at 37C by ~50% over a 36hr peroid anyway, even without cells
growing on a plate.

"JSUPolek" <jsupolek at> wrote in message
news:20020824081117.12380.00003288 at
> Added 2X the concentration of ampicillin to my LB agar that I was supposed
> (100ug/ml v. 50 ug/ml).  Using DH5-alpha and pGEM.  Any reason not to use
>  Let them incubate a little longer?  Thanks

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