Extraction of large DNA fragments from agarose gels

Hans Wessels hansw at sci.kun.nl
Sun Aug 25 07:31:30 EST 2002

"Johan Burger" <jtb at maties.sun.ac.za> wrote in message news:<ajb8rr$2gi$1 at news.adamastor.ac.za>...
> Hi All
> Can someone please tell me which is the best method(s) to extract 10-15 kb
> DNA fragments from agarose gels. Are there any commercial kits that can do
> this? What kind of yield can one expect?
> Thanks
> Johan Burger


We use the QIAEX II DNA GEL EXTRACTION KIT from QIAGEN. This proves to
provide up to 90% (or more) recovery of your fragment. Very easy in
use (just 4 solutions and no long incubation times) and very reliable
(have had no problems with it).



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