probe labeling

Mike Garbutt mgarbutt at
Mon Aug 26 19:50:17 EST 2002

> I have 135 bp cDNA probe that I would like to label with non radioactive 
> method but I don not know the best way to do it?. I'm planing to use this 
> probe to screen bacterial colonies (mamalian BAC subclones) and for southern 
> analysis. I used a kit from Ambion called BrightStar kit, but I got lot of 
> background and could not confirm what I thought positive clones with southern 
> blot!!!

Amersham has a HRP conjugate kit. It takes about 10 min to label the 
probe, 15 min to  1 h to block, then you can get right on with labeling. 
The blocking solution takes less than one hour to prepare (mostly 
rocking time). Very fast... very effective.

Good luck!


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