are all 3 stop codons equally efficient

yoyo yoyo.super at
Sat Aug 31 06:19:07 EST 2002

The three stop codons have clearle different termiantion efficiency
even in a wild type strain (without suppressor tRNA). In prokaryote
TAA is the more efficient because its recognised by both release
factore (RF1 and RF2), then TGA and TAG. The translation termination
efficiency depends also on the identity of the base following the stop
codon, which has a strong influence in the recognition of the stop
codon (some references can be found in Pubmed with Bedwell, Tate,

In yeas the translation termiantion efficiency is naturally arround
99.5% depending on the contexte of the stop codon. But some stop codon
allow the bypass of more than 30% of the ribosomes!!! (i.e less than
70% of termination efficiency).


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