Help! ethidium bromide accident!

Jens Mollerup tinajens at
Sun Dec 1 09:53:48 EST 2002

"Pedro Lourenco" <pedro.lourenco at> wrote in message news:<WobG9.2247$Wp2.2860153 at>...
> Check this site ( from a French
> pharmaceutical company which produces EB for
> using as medicine against trypanosomosis in cattle by  intramuscular
> injection of 1mg/kg. And it seems that the cattle is used for meat and milk
> production.
> I also found recent articles from several authors (just put "homidium
> veterinary" in pubmed and you find them) defending the use of EB in animals
> tropical areas against protozoan infection without refering the hazards of
> manipulating  it.

Hi Pedro and Netters,
Actually a fraction of the danish population used EtBr as a marker of
the amount of plaque or bacteria sitting on our teeth. This was a help
to guide children to be better to brush their teeth! After brushing
the teeth a tablet with EtBr were crushed in your mouth and the color
on the teeth indicated whether you were brushing your teeth properly!
I am not kidding! I remember my self that I did this several times at
an age of about 10-12 years in the late seventies and eighties! Do not
know whether this is still practice!
So Pedro I think you should not worry to much!!!


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