Opinion on Self sterilizing incubators

S.Ballal ballal_sv at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 2 03:26:44 EST 2002

We have a couple from WTB Binder Germany
(http://www.binder-world.com/englisch/englisch.html). We found them
technically better and still better priced than Forma, Sanyo etc.

The temperature uniformity is not a problem in forced air circulation
unit. Normally the culture can withstand +/- 1 degree without any

Given a choice a unit with heating cycle is any day better, even if
you need to use it few times a year.

Ahmedabad, India

"Bev A. Kupf" <bevakupf at ebv.mimnet.northwestern.edu> wrote in message news:<slrnauhhqa.j2m.bevakupf at ebv.mimnet.northwestern.edu>...
> On 29 Nov 2002 19:33:30 -0800,
>     bob (utsuxs at hotmail.com) wrote:
> > I saw a couple of pamplets on self sterilizing incubators (Sanyo and
> > Thermo-Formo).
> > Both are heating element air heated as opposed to a water jacket.
> > 
> > 1st question  Do the modern air heated incubators provide uniform heat
> > as well as the water jacketed types?
> Yes.  I've had them for several years, and they've worked as well as
> as the water-jacketed incubators have.  They've been less work to
> care for, and there is no difference is how cells grow in either 
> incubator.  They have internal fans that circulate the air to reach a
> temperature equilibrium quite rapidly.
> > 2nd question  Do these self sterilization models really work?  
> Don't know.  We have two that reach 180 degrees for 3 hours, but we've
> never had serious contamination that has required us to decontaminate
> the entire incubator yet.
> Bev

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