Waters 994 PDA and/or Millenium software v 2.15 or 2.01

Bob Hartley r.hartley at bio.gla.ac.uk
Thu Dec 5 07:29:43 EST 2002

In article <stUTqTpQUf79EATn@[]>, junk@[] says...
> Hi Folks,

Hi Duncan.
> Does anyone have a full manual for a Waters 994 diode array detector?
> Likewise anything for a 5200 printer/plotter?
> Do you have or know of a copy of the Millenium control software v 2.15 
> or possibly 2.01 that will run the PDA etc ?

sorry cant help regarding this software, however, I have written some 
database software for the pocket PC and HPC machines like the jornada.

It is and electronic labbook. free

Biorad confocal database application. (both link into access) free

And a bibliography manager; free for the accesss version, but I'm 
also working on a comercial version that links in with a major 
bibliography application (not endnote or ref manager; these are 
proprietry formatts). 
> I am more than willing to pay for photocopies and shipping of manuals 
> and software. That software has been superceded by later versions but 
> they may not work with the 994. So if you have upgraded at anytime and 
> still have the 2.01 or 2.25 software I would be very interested, as I 
> can't get it from Waters.

What does the software do? If a database application I could write one in 
an evening.

Bob; Sunny Scotland

> Many thanks
> Duncan

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