Help! ethidium bromide accident!

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Thu Dec 5 10:38:03 EST 2002

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> Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:
> >Jens, I always wondered what that red dye had been they used in german TV
> >commercial for a Blendax toothpaste maybe 10 years ago. Did they write
> >EtBr in the tablets or do you just have the evidence by using the pills
> >stanining agarose gels ;-)
> >
> >
> >
> I think this is an urban legend... ok laboratory legend because who else
> knows EtBr.
> Susanne

Just found this!!! But better evidence would off course be needed!

TI:  Vitalfarbung von Plaque-Mikroorganismen mit Fluoresceindiacetat und
[Vital staining of plaque microorganisms using fluorescein diacetate and
ethidium bromide]
AU:  Netuschil,-L
SO:  Dtsch-Zahnarztl-Z. 1983 Oct; 38(10): 914-7
JN:  Deutsche-zahnarztliche-Zeitschrift
IS:  0012-1029
PY:  1983
LA:  German; Non-English
MJME:  *Dental-Plaque-microbiology; *Ethidium-diagnostic-use;
MIME:  Microscopy,-Fluorescence; Staining-and-Labeling-methods;
TG:  English-Abstract; Human
PT:  Journal-Article
SH:  microbiology; diagnostic-use; methods; isolation-and-purification
CAS:  0; 3546-21-2; 596-09-8
PN:  Fluoresceins; Ethidium; 3',6'-diacetylfluorescein
JC:  Dentistry
SB:  Dental; Index-Medicus
UD:  20001218
DA:  19840107
DR:  20001218
CD:  19840107
RO:  National-Library-of-Medicine
UI:  6196173
AN:  84057394
WEBLH:  Cosmos


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