Intro to mouse handling and genetics?

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at
Mon Dec 9 16:58:15 EST 2002

Hello Ian, 

My spouse knows a book,hopefully it's what your wife is looking for:

Dear Ian,

I don't know what kind of question does your wife have?
But I know there is one book

"Laboratory protocols for conditional gene targeting" 

written by Raul M. Torres and Ralf Kuehn
The ISBN is 0-19-963677; and pressed by oxford university

This is a guidebook for making transgenic mice. It explans all procedure
step by step!
And it should be cheap! I think!



At 02:41 PM 2002/12/9 +0000, Ian A. York wrote:
>My wife is halfway through making her first KO mouse.  While trying to 
>plan out her next steps, she keeps running into little things that 
>all the mouse people take for granted, but that she isn't familiar with; 
>as well as some of the big things.  What she wants is a mid-sized, 
>medium-priced book that goes through mouse handling in some detail, with 
>particular emphasis on transgenics and knockouts.
>It doesn't have to be a book, but she hasn't found what she wants (i.e. 
>the right degree of detail) on the web yet.  She can stick it on her 
>boss's grant if it's less than $50; so far she's only found a $200 book, 
>and her boss won't let her order it.
>Some of the things she complained about to me, were not knowing at what
>age you can breed a mouse, how many is an average litter size, and what
>average goes from the chimeras to germline.  These things have all been 
>answered now, but give examples of the levels of questions she wants 
>Any suggestions?
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