aminopeptidase and carboxypeptidase

Jayakumar r.jayakumar at
Wed Dec 11 15:01:49 EST 2002

hi.. everyone
    I need to digest a protein completely using an aminopeptidase and in a
separate reaction using carboxypeptidase.   I have the following problems
1.  My protein is most probably N-terminally blocked ( I think some
aminopeptidases does not work on such aminoacids).
2.  I need to stop or inhibit the reaction after some time.

hence I need to know
1) What sort of aminopeptidases can work on such N-terminally blocked
proteins so as to completely digest them.  Any protocols??
2)  What sort of inhibitors are commercially available for such a purpose
and a suitable technique to use these inhibitors.
3) What carboxypeptidase enzyme would you recommend.
4) What inhibitors are available for carboxypeptidases.
5) Is there any other exopeptidases that anyone can recommend which will
serve the same purpose.
    I would appreciate any comments and ideas useful or not.


PS: please email replies to <r.jayakumar at>


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