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Thu Dec 12 17:32:11 EST 2002

Dear Reseacher:

Proteomics analysis requires 2D gel system, a process that is
difficult to standardize in your own lab. 2Dgel.com performs
custom 2D gel analysis for your protein samples that would save
you time and money.  We provide quick result to help you 
understand structure and function of an unknown protein.  

Visit www.2Dgel.com for:
2D-gel analysis service with digital data provided to you

A PAGE Perfect Sample Preparation Kit for 2D gels(cat#741150)

A variety of Precast Gels for one D or 2D analysis (cat#519101) 

Rapid Stain for protein gels(cat#742820)

MASS Silver (Cat#742750) for proteomics work.

Dry your gels fast, use Fast Gel Drying Frames(cat#251502)

CrackFree Medium (cat#409503) to ensure smooth drying of any concentration of gels

Western Stripper (cat#650100) for multiple antibody probing of the same Western Blot

To request a catalog, email your address to catalog-request at 2DGel.com
For tech support, email your question to techsupport at 2DGel.com
To send an order, fax at 614-792-8685

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