exclusion threshold for PCR purification

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at gmx.de
Mon Dec 16 17:22:33 EST 2002

You also might check the catalogues and tech specs from quiagen and
macherey nagel. I think, they contain some information on different
fragment exclusion sizes of different kits. So one might deliberately abuse
them for this purpose. I also think that binding and elution conditions
(decrease of salt and ethanol) should cause loss of short fragments. Maybe
their tech people can give you some details.


At 10:10 PM 2002/12/16 -0000, Deanne Bell wrote:
>:-----Original Message-----
>:From: denis dupuy [mailto:denis_dupuy at dfci.harvard.edu]
>:Does anybody know a way to modify this cuttoff so that I could retrieve
>:only bigger fragments and get rid of my contaminant 100bp-species?
>:Thank you in advance
>This idea is attacking the problem form a different vantage point - 
>Have you tried doing a dilution / optimization / titration with different
primer concentrations?
>I am thinking that the problem may disappear by decreasing your primer
>Deanne Bell


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