help on DNA sequence problem,anxious

Tom Anderson univ0938 at
Tue Dec 31 15:28:14 EST 2002

On 31 Dec 2002, Tim Fitzwater wrote:

> >Help on DNA sequencing:urgently
> >Use T7 primer, big dye terminator chemistry. However the signal stops at
> >~300BP. Maybe there is secondary structure lies in that region. I tried
> > several ways to solve this problem. Adding DMSO, increasing denature
> > temperature, using different primers. But it still does not work.
> > Who met this same problem before? Can you give me some suggestion?
> Request a copy of the QIAGEN Guide to Template Purification and DNA
> Sequencing.  This manual has illustrations of the peak profiles one sees
> with various problems as a guide to figuring out what's wrong.

alternatively, read it online:


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