Baculovirus expression systems - which one??

Anthea Scothern anthea.scothern at
Mon Feb 4 11:29:58 EST 2002

Dear All,

I am trying to decide between the Bac-to-Bac from what was Gibco, BacnBlue
from Invitrogen (both now available in the Invitrogen catalogue), Clontech's
Bac Pak and Novagen's BacVector system - after a day of reading catalogues,
I can't handle any more BacAnything.

Does anyone have any recent experience with any of these kits/vectors/viral
DNA?  My archive search only shows discussions a couple of years old.

I've been using an inherited combination of Baculogold DNA with BacPak
vectors and my virus stocks are very unreliable - sometimes expression,
sometimes not; so I think it's time to reassess and reclone.  Any comments
would be gratefully received.


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