WANTED: specific protease to cleave a transcriptional activator.

Mike Cantor mcantor at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 4 17:27:41 EST 2002

Hi folks,

I would like to introduce the recognition sequence for a specific protease
(e.g. Xa or Enterokinase) in the middle of AraC.  The idea is to make an
inducible pBAD promoter that I can turn on by expressing the modified AraC
(along with arabinose of course) and then turn off by expressing the
protease.  I intend to use this construct for cloning in e-coli.

Can anyone recommend a good specific protease for this purpose?  Does anyone
know if anything like this has been done before (besides in purification
protocols), that is, putting a protease tag in the middle of a protein,
expressing it, and then destroying it by expressing the protease, all in

thanks a ton for any advice you can supply,

-mike cantor


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