ETBr in Loading Buffer

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Tue Feb 5 03:55:43 EST 2002

On Mon, 04 Feb 2002 19:40:19 -0800, D Picton <pictond at>

>I was wondering if anyone has ever tried or knows why Ethidium Bromide
>is not added to Loading buffer? I've never run across an article where
>Ethidium Bromide is present in the Loading Buffer, it's allways
>present either in the gel or as a post electorphoresis step.
>D Picton
I tried using EtBr in loading sample when running PCR reactions. The
staining was poor and EtBr seemed to affect migration of my samples.
However, I use EtBr in the sample when I run RNA preparations in
standard TBE agarose gel. Works like charm.

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