Salmonella conjugation

Tamsin Terry tamsin at
Wed Feb 6 19:32:29 EST 2002

I am trying to transfer a suicide plasmid into a Salmonella strain by 
conjugation (tried other methods but had restriction problems) but 
need to develop a "marker" free selection system for Salmonella over 
the E. coli donor strain (previously I have used a Rif resistant 
mutant Salmonella, but I don't want to introduce any other mutations 
into the Salmonella, and it has no natural antibiotic resistance). 
Does anyone know of any method to select Salmonella over E. coli (my 
donor strain is S17.1, Tra' recA pro thi hsdR chr::RP4-2).  I've 
tried minimal medium but the Salmonella strain doesn't grow on it.


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