HABA/Avidin Storage

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Thu Feb 7 19:02:21 EST 2002

You can still make calibration curve with the old solution and find out if
it went bad.
I remember I stored my HABA/Avidin for a couple of weeks, if not longer,
then gave it to someone else who still was able to use it. Check Pierce
website if Sigma does not provide you with any info.

"BL" <lo1 at ntlworld.com> wrote in message
news:a3p15i$pps$1 at pegasus.csx.cam.ac.uk...
> I currently use the HABA/Avidin reagent from Sigma to quantify
> samples. However, I cannot usually use up the 10 reactions after
> reconstitution within a few weeks so a lot of it is wasted.
> Does anyone know if the reconstituted solution will stay good in the
> freezer?
> Alternatively, is anyone aware of, e.g. single-reaction vials of
> from a company?
> Thanks for any input.

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