plasmid purification

Nicolas Kuperwasser nkuperw at
Fri Feb 8 00:59:18 EST 2002

Hello, I'm doing yeast plasmid preps and am running into a fair amount
of chromosomal contamination.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to
remove the chromosomal contamination besides transforming into
bacteria?  I'm looking for something easy and not too complicated
since i'm purifiying CEN based plasmids.  Any help would be greatly
appreciated.  I read something about people using nitrocellulose
membranes to remove a significant amount of contamination, but they
were doing large bacterial preps (about 40L preps for making
pharmaceutical grade plasmids).  We have begun to try using contolled
exonuclease treatments, but i'm a bit hesitant to try because of
degredation to the plasmids that may occur.


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