membrane protein isolation protocol in native condition

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Fri Feb 8 07:19:02 EST 2002

Dear Ying Fang,

Basicly, one normally starts with developing an assay ans then takes some 
crude material like liver homogenate or whatever an first used crude and cheap 
methods (preparative ultracentrifugation, ammonium sulfate precipitation) 
before one advances to ion exchange chromatography, size exclusion, 
hydrophobic interaction chromatographt, affinity chromatography.

Exceptions occur on specific properties of protein of interest.

You might visit your library and look for 

current protocols in ... (e.g. protein chemistry)
... a practical approach (series), e.g. ultrazentrifugation

Biochemistry? by Cooper

find some papers about protein purification examples and see how they did it.
etc etc

> Dear bionetters,
>  I am trying to find some general protocols for membrane protein purification.
>  Any kind of the protein purification will be fine. I just would like to gather
>  information about general purification procedures. If any of you out there
>  have some kind of protocols availible, please let me know or send me the
>  protocols if you can. I will appreciate.
> Please reply to my e-mail box.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ying Yang
> yingfang_yang at

Dr. Wolfgang Schechinger
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