Bioedit, ClustalW and WinXP

Tim Spahlinger txs at
Mon Feb 11 09:22:33 EST 2002

Oops, I see that BioEdit was written for NT.  Sorry to waste
your time with my previous message.

aes wrote:
> Hi Duncan
> XP is running on a single processor and I am not hitting a firewall, however
> as you set I don't need the internet access for this program. I haven't
> tried to run ClustalW as a standalone DOS, I always use the webversion (or
> bioedit version). I have tried to contact the makers of Bioedit, but
> unsuccesfully.
> > >Since I upgraded my computer to win XP I have not been able to run
> ClustalW
> > >from BioEdit, I just get an error message saying that there was an error
> > >running ClustalW.
> >
> > Can you run ClustalW as a stand alone program?
> >
> > Is it XP running on a dual processor or single?
> >
> > I take it you aren't hitting a Firewall block, not that I would think
> > ClustalW needs Internet access, but just a thought
> >
> > I use Win2K Pro, SP2 here and ClustalW runs fine as a stand alone DOS
> > program.
> >
> > Until you posted I hadn't even heard of Bioedit. I will now have a
> > closer look.
> >
> > Duncan

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