SDS PAGE of LB medium

Marcelo Foti m.foti at
Mon Feb 18 14:41:26 EST 2002

Dear Michael, I used to precipitate LB medium with TCA, in my experience
less you precipitate better you will see your protein (in the  case of a
good expression).
Try to read the samples with 280/260 nm against a blank made with LB to
discard interferences of oligopeptides present in the media.

hope this help you,

Marcelo D Foti


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Dear All,
        I am going to try some SDS-PAGE of the medium my E. coli are
growing in tomorrow - to see if my desired protein is secreted into the
medium.  BUT how much should I load?  I am going to TCA ppt some to avoid
salt, but should I expect a large amount of spurious protein or hardly any
at all?  Plan A is to load ppt from 25microlitres per gel lane.
Regards, Mike.


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