Isolation of plasma membrane from yeast

Wojciech Poręba wojciech at
Wed Feb 20 06:34:08 EST 2002

Thank you for the answer. I have already made erythrocyte ghosts, it was
the easiest way to obtain membranes indeed. But the point is that I
would like to have membranes from as many sources as possible. So if you
have acces to any protocols describing isolation of membranes from other
Eucariotic cells and would share with them :-), it would be great... All
the best
wo napisał(a):
> Dear Wojciech,
> If you don't have to stick to yeast and can use human material, you might
> try erythrocyte ghosts. easy to prepare by hypotone lysis, ask google for
> protocols.
> wo
> Wojciech Poręba wrote:
> > Dear all!
> > I need to obtain membrane preparations from any easy obtainable source,
> > eg. from yeast. I don't need to have membrane proteins in it, just
> > plasma membrane. Could you point me to the right direction where I can
> > find good, practiced protocol describing such isolation. Or if you have
> > any ideas how to do it, please let me know. Waiting for your feedback,
> > Wojciech Poręba
> > Wroclaw University
> > Poland
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