RNAse inhibitors and DNAse1 treatment

Eric Lader elader at ambion.com
Thu Feb 21 20:12:52 EST 2002

"aes" <ali at image.dk> wrote in message news:<a4vus9$bfo$1 at news.net.uni-c.dk>...
> Hi.
> I am forced to DNAse1 treat my RNA samples for a quite a long time (at 37
> degrees C) to remove contaminating DNA. I have thought about adding RNAsin
> or RNAseOut inhibitor (or other) to the mix when I do the DNAse treatment.
> My question is if these commercial RNAse inhibitors also inhibits the DNAse
> enzyme? And do these inhibitors function at 37 degrees?
> Thank you

Placental RNase inhibitor (RIP, RNasin), Superasin, RNase block, etc..
will not inhibit DNaseI. Make sure your DNase buffer has a couple of
mM Ca and remove it afterwards .

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